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Nothing additional provided me any respite for the agony in my knuckle, which has no cartilige in between. Rubbing skeletal part on bone.

Similar to a gentle Oxycodone. Gives you that upbeat opiate effect alike to a percocet only not rather as strong. Less nausea than Oxy. I really favour this pharmaceutical to hydrocodone/lortab-(more upbeat,less groggy). 200mg does a good job of halting a migraine in the early stages.

My last mail was 4/26-"jenjen72"--read that for my history-something new to add--Saturday Iwas at a conference when I awakened up at hospital--I was notified by my ally & observers I had a "grand mal seizure--frothing at mouth spasms, tongue biting-whole nine yards- scary thing- not ever had seizure before I believe after I ate when I took more ultram I should not have recognized that I was taking too much. This is hard for me to do though b/c I have such a high tolerance from the past 10 years of taking this VERY ADDICYIVE drug. See my entire article at posting from the 26th-- I just considered I'd share this as a heads- up of a likely occurance while taking ultram--My catscans and for example were ok so else this is a large mystery. I accept as true it was the ultram.

I have critical back agony and have been on everything. Nothing works better then Ultram. I still proceed to work and don't seem like I'm in a tunnel. I furthermore have no difficulties with withdrawl symptoms, when I halt taking them.

I have habitually endured from migraines and Tramadol is the only productive pharmaceutical I have found. It effectively relieves the agony when all other pharmaceuticals to abort the migraine have failed. A good side effect is it makes me seem serene and perhaps a bit drowsy. A awful side effect is it makes me itch all over.